Garage Door Opener Installation and Service

At Covenant Garage Doors, we’re experts at installing automatic garage door openers for homeowners. We’ve got over two decades of experience and knowledge in the garage door industry, so we can make the best product recommendations for you based on your needs and the needs of your home. We know that your time is precious and we can get your automatic garage door opener installed quickly and correctly the first time. Once we’ve installed your automatic garage door opener, you’ll be set with a properly working garage door and opener for years to come.

Genie Garage Door Openers have been providing dependable, durable, and quality automatic garage door openers for over sixty years! Genie recently revamped their entire product line, and it now includes the DC motor technology in all of their garage door openers. DC motors provide power, value, and reliability for those who desire a powerful, quiet, long-lasting opener. We also install Liftmaster automatic garage door openers and LinearProAccess automatic garage door openers. If you’re in the market for a new opener, give us a call and we can guide you through the process of choosing which opener is right for you, your needs, and your home. At Covenant Garage Doors, we’ve got the knowledge and experience necessary to help you choose. We won’t steer you wrong!


If you’re undecided about installing an automatic garage door opener in your garage, there are many benefits to installing an opener. Some of the major benefits include:

Convenience- One of the most obvious benefits of installing an automatic garage door opener is convenience. You won’t have to get in and out of your car to open and close your garage door upon leaving or arriving home. This is particularly nice in inclement weather like rain, snow, excessive heat, or bitter cold.

Lighting- Most automatic garage door openers come with built in lights to light up the inside of your garage. This lighting can be crucial for leaving or coming home in the dark. No more games of guess and check trying to find your way to your car or your door handle.

Security- Automatic garage door openers can also provide a new level of security for your home. Some openers come with a “vacation mode” feature so that the door can only be opened from the inside. Modern security features can help keep you, your family, and your possessions safe.

Safety- Automatic door openers can help prevent your garage door from crashing down suddenly. This can be particularly important if you have small children or pets who could become victims of a falling garage door. Installing an automatic garage door opener greatly decreases the risk of your heavy garage door becoming a safety hazard.

Energy efficient- Although your garage door is the largest door to your home and garage doors can be highly advanced pieces of technology, they don’t require a ton of energy to operate. Automatic garage door openers are highly energy efficient and its likely that you may not even notice a difference on your power bill.

Technology- Modern day automatic garage door openers now come with many features that provide even more convenience. Some garage door openers are able to be controlled via an app on your smart phone, giving you added peace of mind when you’re away from home. You can monitor when the door opens and closes and you can even close it remotely if you forgot to close it when leaving the house.

Low maintenance- Automatic garage door openers are incredibly low maintenance and can last for years without needing any maintenance or repairs. However, to ensure that your automatic garage door opener is working properly and efficiently, its always a good idea to have yearly, routine maintenance done.

Cost- Automatic garage door openers provide a great service and a high level of convenience, and aren’t that expensive to install! At Covenant Garage Doors, we can help navigate your garage door opener needs and make sure that you stay within your budget.

If you’re convinced that you’re ready to go ahead and install an automatic garage door opener in your garage, we can help! At Covenant Garage doors, we boast a team of highly skilled, trained, and experienced technicians who also offer the highest level of customer service in the industry. We’re family owned and operated and will treat you and your home like family, too. To get on your way to having an automatic garage door opener installed in your garage, give us a call today to start discussing your needs!