Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The standard garage door has an average life span of about 15-20 years, depending on how well its maintained and also what kind of elements its exposed to throughout its life. Keeping up with regular maintenance, particularly if you live in an extremely hot climate, can greatly extend the life of your garage door. The summer heat in Georgia can be particularly hard on your garage door, so its important to keep up with your summer garage door maintenance.
Most of the components of your garage door are made up of metals such as steel and aluminum. When temperatures rise, these metals expand, reducing the size of the gaps between the moving parts of your door. When the gaps become smaller, this creates more friction, which can increase the likelihood of parts breaking. To decrease this risk, there are some summer garage door maintenance steps that you can take.
1. Lubricate. Properly lubricating your garage door before the summer heat gets truly sweltering can help decrease the friction that can be so harmful to your garage door.
2. Have your door serviced by a professional. If you can’t remember the last time your door was checked out by a professional garage door maintenance specialist, it may be time to call and make sure your door isn’t in need of any repairs.
3. Apply a fresh coat of paint. Applying a fresh coat of paint can help lower the amount of heat absorbed by your door.

4. Remove the rust. Rust can be particularly harmful to your garage door. To remove the rust, simply sand it down, apply a primer, and then apply paint over the affected area.

Before the hot Georgia summer kicks into full gear, call Covenant Garage Doors today to have your garage door inspected and serviced.